21 Day Detoxification and Purification Program

Dr. Sun’s Detoxification and Purification Program


Do you have issues with weight, low energy, poor digestion, bloating, acne, and sleep?

If so, Dr. Sun’s 21 Day Detoxification and Purification Program is for you. This program stimulates your organs – the liver, kidneys, blood, lymphatic system, skin and large and small intestines, in order to begin the process of purification. This, in turn, will assist in decreasing toxic load thereby eliminating or noticeably reducing inflammation which is a common factor in heart disease, arthritis, diabetes, and cancer.

This program gives you a structured plan for purifying, nurishing and maintaning a healthy lifestyle.

Toxins in our body

There is no question that we live in a changing environment. The amount of industrial, chemical, and other artificial pollutants contaminating our air, water, and food supply has never been higher, so much so that it is no longer a question of whether we have toxins in our body or not, but how much we can limit the damage that is being done. Nevertheless, even in a toxic world such as ours, it is still possible to experience optimal health and reap the maximum benefit from healing treatments such as the 21 Day Detoxification Program.

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How do I get started?

To get started with your own 21-Day Detoxification and Purification Program contact Dr. Karen Sun today!

Patient Testimonials

“I loved it! I feel good, I’m eating healthy and will continue to do so.”

– Lauren

“I loved the cleanse and plan on continuing to eat this way!  I lost 17 lbs and 3 inches.  I feel great, have been sleeping deeply and rested and energized when I wake up.  Thanks!”

– Dan

“The great news is I feel so much better!  I have so much more energy, wake up feeling ready for the day!  I cannot thank you enough.  Thanks to your staff who have been there to answer every question when I have called or emailed.  I look forward to continuing to feel and look better thanks to all of you!”

– Debra

“The main plus of being on the cleanse is that I now like and actually crave more veggies.  I lost five pounds and I plan on continuing the shake in the mornings and making good food choices. “

– driana

“I completely lost cravings for carbs and caffeine…Although, I only lost 6 pounds, I feel lighter, better, more energized.”


“Today is the first day after the cleanse! My biggest accomplishment was that I lost twenty pounds and my waist measurement when I started was 36″ and now it’s 26″!  I’m really happy I did this, I feel great!”


“I’m feeling great! Lost 20 lbs. and several inches.”


Additional Benefits:

Patients are likely to LOSE 10 – 15 pounds…


Your body will purify and rebuild itself from the inside out!