Chill Pill PM



Chill Pill PM is formulated to increase relaxation by up regulating the inhibitory neurotransmitter GABA. This effect will help you reduce anxiousness, tension and fear while also helping you fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer and wake up feeling more rested. Now with the added benefits of Melatonin!

It was discovered and introduced into clinical practice in Russia in the 1960s. It acts as a GABA-mimetic, primarily at GABA (B) receptors and also stimulates dopamine receptors. Phenibut is similar to GABA, but has a phenol group attached. This phenol group allows for the crossing of the blood brain barrier. Phenibut is widely used in Russia to relieve tension, anxiety, and fear, as well as to improve sleep.

Hops – Most often used medicinally for their calming effects. Traditional medicine has used hops as a sedative for centuries, while only recently has one of the possible components been identified as having calming effects.

Valerian Root – Most often used to decrease the time of sleep onset. Valerian is quite safe, and can be used as a tea, or in capsules as a regular sleep-aid. Chill Pill supplies low dose Valerian to promote smooth muscle relaxation and help change stress perceptions.

Passion Flower – Passion flower has been reported to have soothing properties. These activities have made passion flower a common ingredient in calming, relaxing, and sleep aid protocols. Like Valerian, Passion Flower helps support the production of GABA, that promotes relaxation in the central nervous system.

L-Theanine – This is an amino acid found in Green Tea that counteracts caffeine’s effect. It helps change the perception of stress, and promotes an overall calming feeling.

5-HTP – Numerous studies have shown that this precursor to Seretonin has been used effectively for mood support and anxiety

Magnesium – Chill Pill+ provides 350mg of Magnesium Glycinate (a highly absorbed form of Magnesium). Among the 350 biochemical reactions Magnesium is responsible for in the body, muscle relaxation and calming in the central nervous system is one of its most important attributes.

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